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Concetta B. - Visual storyteller and problem solver. Expressing ideas through design and curating a signature aesthetic for business owners.



Would you believe I started providing creative services in Kindergarten? Thats right - if you needed the most detailed stick figure illustrated by lunch I was your girl. I've always had a passion for the arts and after obtaining an education in graphic design and years of professional experience working in the industry, I developed my confidence and started to market myself as an independent graphic designer. Developing stunning visuals for a variety of clients that set them apart from the competition easily became the most challenging and rewarding part of my design journey.

Core Values

Research. Industry learnings.

Curiosity. Understanding is half of the work.

Collaborate. For you by us.

Create. Elevate your business. 


Bachelor of Arts - Georgia Southern University

UI/UX Certified - Boulder Digital Arts

2 Brand Design Agency Internships

8+ years professional experience

Favorite Quote

"Be unapologetically powerful and brave. Let no one convince you there are limits or boundaries to what you can achieve."

- Sarah Jakes Roberts

Tailored Solutions

Web Design

Modern, stunning, and SEO-friendly - Take your digital presence to the next level with custom-made website design services.

Print Design

Make your special occasion even more memorable with eye-catching, one-of-a-kind print designs. From stylishly designed wedding magazines to chic business cards, you can be sure to have something that stands out.

Brand Identity

This complete brand identity solution makes it more than just a logo. Don't let your business get left behind - Make a bold statement with unique colors, fonts, and style guides that establish a lasting impression on every platform.


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