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  • Do you design for industry specific clientele only?
    Our specialities are branding, websites, and marketing materials for business owners with an intentional focus - no matter the industry. Our professional experience over the years working in a range of sectors gives us the confidence to create content for industries of varying styles and sizes.
  • What are the benefits of hiring a professional designer vs. designing my logo in Canva?
    First, we would just like to state that Canva is an amazing resource and not to be overlooked! A professional designer will create graphics built exclusively for you, which cannot be achieved through Canva. There are 30 million+ Canva users. This means your designs may feel easily recognizable or repetitive because they have been seen before countless times. Also, when it comes to logo creation there are a few cons: 1) You can not trademark your design. The templates are not exclusive to one business and one business only meaning the design can’t be trademarked. 2) No vector files. Canva is not a professional design software meaning whatever you produce cannot be exported in a vector format. Without a vector you’ll run into all sorts of issues when you try to scale your logo and print it on enlarged materials. Usually your logo will become very blurry or illegible over all. Canva can still be useful for quick social media graphics or instagram story templates once you have an established brand identity. From there you can utilize your professional brand assets to create uniformity inside of Canva.
  • What are client requirements before starting?
    Ideally, you’ve thoughtfully taken a look through our website and socials and have determined that: 1) You resonate with the work we've shared and can already picture your transformation! 2) You feel we would be a good fit in terms of our working relationship. 3) For Web Design - You would also ideally have all your website content and any assets ready to go before we begin (photography, website copy, etc.)!
  • Are payment plans offered?
    Payment plans are customized based on client's specific needs and scope of project. *Please note - in order to secure a start date, all clients are required to pay their stated security deposit amount before your project begins. To learn more about payments please see our Terms and Conditions.
  • Can you add to my existing website?
    Unfortunately, we do not work with existing websites. In this case you may be a candidate for a complete re-brand.
  • Are photography and copy writing services provided?
    Unfortunately, we haven't developed these expertise just yet! We highly recommend investing in a professional photoshoot and copywriter to help create your brand images and messaging. However, we are happy to provide creative direction for a fee* and recommend a photographer or videographer if you are located in Charlotte, NC or Atlanta, GA.
  • Can you provide custom illustrations for my project?
    We do not offer custom illustrations at this time but highly recommend reaching out to The Lady Pai for your artistic needs.
  • What platform will my website be on?
    Currently, we use WIX to design and develop sites. We believe WIX offers the most creative control and customization - allowing us to work most efficiently and guaranteeing the most unique approach to your site. Using WIX your site will also be optimized for desktop and mobile. Don't worry - If you have an existing site on another platform like Squarespace, Wordpress, etc. We’ll be happy to assist with domain transfer.
  • I'm a client - can we hop on a quick call to discuss my project?
    Of course! We offer 1:1 email support throughout your entire project as well as scheduled calls. Feel free to schedule your call here.
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